Association of
Australian Education Representatives
in India

Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
Registration No. S-31213 of 1997
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1996 to 2006 (10 years of AAERI)

Ten years is a significant period for any association and it is a matter of pride that AAERI completes ten active years in 2012. AAERI invited Ms Banu Sidharth, then Education Promotion Officer at AEI to reflect on this period. Ms Sidharth under guidance of then Counsellor (Education and Training), Mr Tom Calma was actively involved in the formation of the agent association. Ms Sidharth was associated till 2003 as the minutes secretary of AAERI. She is now in New Zealand and works for New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. Here is her reflection:

I take this opportunity to congratulate AAERI on its 10th successful year of effective operations in India. I am extremely impressed with the way AAERI has progressed professionally as an organisation and how each and every member of the Association has contributed to making it a respectable and world renowned organisation. 

When I take a walk down memory lane, I still remember the enthusiasm and the vision the founder Executive team members had which inspired and energised us as AEI to encapsulate that zeal to form an Association which is now an exemplar in its own right. I am extremely proud to have been associated with this organisation since its inception and take great pride in talking about it to my education colleagues here in New Zealand. 

Needless to say AAERI had its own challenges and milestones to cover from its infancy to adulthood, but AAERI as a family didn't seem to be perturbed by any challenges that came its way. I am extremely pleased to see that what was once a toddler has now emerged to be a fine young lad who is a visionary, who is little concerned about competition, who is determined to make that unique difference every time, all the time. This success can be fully attributed to each and every member of the Association as they have at all times had irrevocable trust and faith in their elected members to deliver on their promises.

AAERI has been inspirational to many including countries like New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and others. I am happy to see that AAERI is a world class Association which often makes many ponder as to how the synergies really work among people who are actually competitors to each other ? I guess the answer is nothing but the simple faith and trust each and every member has towards the core value propositions of the Association. The members recognised the simple fact that "being united is better than being alone any day".

I still get a smile on my face when I recollect my regional visits to AAERI members offices. I looked forward to hearing about their fellow competitors unethical behaviour however to my utter surprise I would often trek back with lengthy stories about how they had collaborated with each other to uphold the sanity of their Association in general and of Australian education in particular. 

I wish AAERI all the very best and look forward to regular walks down memory lane in the years to come...

With sincere regards to one and all in AAERI

Banu Sidharth.


Founding Executive
Mr Inder Panjwani
Mr S D Khanna
Mr Rajender Sood
Mr Vikas Gulaty
Mr SK Narula
Mr Arun Bhutani
Mr Rajesh Arya
AAERI Presidents
(1996 - current)
Mr S K Narula
Mr S K Narula
Mr Arun Bhutani
Mr Ravi Lochan Singh
Col Kanwaljeet Singh Gujral
Mr Gulshan Kumar
Mr Ravi Lochan Singh
Mr Ravi Lochan Singh
Mr Gulshan Kumar
Mr Ravi Lochan Singh
Mr Ravi Lochan Singh
Mr Ravi Lochan Singh
Mr Ravi Lochan Singh
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Mr Rahul A Gandhi